ATC = After the Treaty of Coruscant, BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin

3608 -45 Kes-Varn is born on Iridonia.
3609 -44 The Stark Hyperspace War.
3613 -40 Zeva Vigil is born and is soon brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
3615 -38 Kaylani Seren is born in space. Caster Novastar is born on Corellia.
3621 -32 THE PHANTOM MENACE. Kes joins the military academy.
3622 -31 Zeva becomes Master Tulu’s Padawan.
3626 -27 Kes graduates from the academy and goes to work for Cross-Galaxy Corp.
3628 -25 CGC is shut down. Kes goes to work for Megool the Hutt, and she meets Nalin Nerr.
3629 -24 Kes is promoted; Megool relocates.
3631 -22 ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Clone Wars TV show begins. Catalyst novel begins.
3632 -21 Kes and Nalin marry. Zeva crashes on Kira IV, then goes missing in the Sidori Star Cluster.
3633 -20 Kes and Nalin leave Megool’s employ to work on the Silent Destiny, with a home on Etti IV.
3634 -19 REVENGE OF THE SITH. Clone Wars TV show ends. Kay’s mother, Marta Seren, drops out of contact. Kes gives birth to twins.
3636 -17 Kes Varn’s family is murdered at Telos IV. Catalyst novel ends.
3638 -15 Kay’s Uncle Savit goes missing on Ord Mantell; soon after, Kay joins Kes as Silent Destiny’s new pilot. Caster takes over the family business on Corellia.
3639 -14 Lords of the Sith novel, Tarkin novel
3640 -11 Rogue One prologue
3642 -11 A New Dawn novel
3647 -6 Twilight Company novel begins
3648 -5 Rebels TV series begins
3651 -2 Thrawn novel ends
3653 0 ROGUE ONE; A NEW HOPE; Inferno Squad novel; Heir to the Jedi novel
3656 3 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK; Twilight Company novel ends
3657 4 RETURN OF THE JEDI; Aftermath novel trilogy begins
3658 5 Aftermath novel trilogy ends
3681 28 Bloodline novel

Campaign Timeline
EPISODE I: The Sidori Gambit
Day 1: game begins
Days 3-6: Travel to Alemgotti
Days 9,10: Almek Pharmaceuticals

EPISODE II: The Hounds of Winter
Days 32-33: Ord Mantell (sessions 1-8)
Day 34: Travel to Iridonia
Days 35 & 36: Iridonia (sessions 8-10)
Days 37-41: Travel to Corellia
Days 42-44: Corellia (sessions 10-17)
Days 45-49: Travel to Takodana
Day 49: Takodana, travel to Codia (sessions 18-19)
Days 50-52: Travel to Sepulcher
Day 52: Sepulcher (sessions 20-21)
Days 53-57: Travel to Majoor
Day 57: Majoor (sessions 22-23)

EPISODE III: The Eye of Oblivion
Day 64: Dexus-12 (sessions 24 & 25)
Days 64-66: Travel to Iridonia
Day 66: Iridonia (sessions 26-32)
Days 67-73: Travel to Nar Shaddaa
Day 74: Nar Shaddaa (Sessions 33-)


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