ATC = After the Treaty of Coruscant, BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin

2757 -896 Yoda is born.


? ? The Acolyte
3453 -200 Chewbacca is born.
3551 -102 Count Dooku is born.
3569 -84 Sheev Palpatine is born (approx).
3581 -72 Mace Windu is born (approx).
3589 -64 Wilhuff Tarkin is born.
3596 -57 Obi-Wan Kenobi is born.
3607 -46 Padmé Amidala and Mon Mothma are born.
3608 -45 Kes-Varn is born on Iridonia.
3609 -44 The Stark Hyperspace War.
3612 -41 Anakin Skywalker is born.
3613 -40 Master & Apprentice novel. Zeva Vigil is born and is soon brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
3615 -38 Kaylani Seren is born in space. Caster Novastar is born on Corellia.


3621 -32 THE PHANTOM MENACE. Kes joins the military academy. Han Solo and Boba Fett are born. C-3P0 is built.
3622 -31 Zeva becomes Master Tulu’s Padawan.
3623 -30 Lando Calrissian is born (approx).
3626 -27 Kes graduates from the academy and goes to work for Cross-Galaxy Corp. Enric Pryde is born.
3628 -25 CGC is shut down. Kes goes to work for Megool the Hutt, and she meets Nalin Nerr.
3629 -24 Kes is promoted; Megool relocates.
3631 -22 ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Clone Wars TV show begins. Catalyst novel begins.
3632 -21 Kes and Nalin marry. Zeva crashes on Kira IV, then goes missing in the Sidori Star Cluster. Jyn Erso is born.
3633 -20 Kes and Nalin leave Megool’s employ to work on the Silent Destiny, with a home on Etti IV.
3634 -19 REVENGE OF THE SITH. Clone Wars TV show ends. The Republic becomes the Galactic Empire. Dark Disciple novel. Kay’s mother, Marta Seren, drops out of contact. Kes gives birth to twins. Luke and Leia are born.


3635 -18 The Empire begins terraforming Ilum.
3636 -17 Kes Varn’s family is murdered at Telos IV. Catalyst novel ends.
3638 -15 Kay’s Uncle Savit goes missing on Ord Mantell; soon after, Kay joins Kes as Silent Destiny’s new pilot. Caster takes over the family business on Corellia.
3639 -14 Jedi: Fallen Order, Lords of the Sith novel, Tarkin novel
3640 -13 Rogue One prologue,Solo prologue. Thrawn novel begins
3641 -12 SILENT DESTINY EPISODES I-III. Castle Vader is completed on Mustafar.
3642 -11 A New Dawn novel
3643 -10 SOLO
3644 -9 Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series
3647 -6 Battlefront:Twilight Company novel begins


3648 -5 Rebels TV series begins, Andor TV series
3651 -2 Thrawn novel ends, Thrawn:Alliances, Thrawn:Treason. The Rebel Alliance forms.
3653 0 ROGUE ONE; A NEW HOPE; Battlefront II: Inferno Squad novel; Heir to the Jedi novel, Rebels TV series ends. Armitage Hux is born (approx)
3655 2 Poe Dameron is born.
3656 3 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK; Battlefront: Twilight Company novel ends
3657 4 RETURN OF THE JEDI; Alphabet Squadron novel.Aftermath novel trilogy begins

THE NEW REPUBLIC (Ahsoka, Rangers of the New Republic)

3658 5 Battle of Jakku;Aftermath novel trilogy ends. Leia ends her Jedi training. Ben Solo is born. Lando liberates Cloud City.
3659 6 Paige Tico is born.
3660 7 Last Shot novel
3662 9 The Mandalorian TV series
3664 11 Finn and Rose Tico are born.
3668 15 Rey is born.
3674 21 Rey is abandoned on Jakku. Luke begins investigating Exegol.
3681 28 Bloodline novel. Scandal forces Leia out of New Republic politics; she begins forming the Resistance. The Jedi Temple is destroyed.; Luke Skywalker disappears.
3682 29 Worlds secede from the New Republic to form the core of the First Order. Leia begins searching for Luke. BB-8 is constructed.


3686 33 Resistance TV series begins
3687 34 THE FORCE AWAKENS & THE LAST JEDI, Galaxy’s Edge:Black Spire, Phasma novel, Canto Bight collection, Resistance Reborn novel
3688 35 THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, Resistance TV series ends

Campaign Timeline
EPISODE I: The Sidori Gambit
Day 1: game begins
Days 3-6: Travel to Alemgotti
Days 9,10: Almek Pharmaceuticals

EPISODE II: The Hounds of Winter
Days 32-33: Ord Mantell (sessions 1-8)
Day 34: Travel to Iridonia
Days 35 & 36: Iridonia (sessions 8-10)
Days 37-41: Travel to Corellia
Days 42-44: Corellia (sessions 10-17)
Days 45-49: Travel to Takodana
Day 49: Takodana, travel to Codia (sessions 18-19)
Days 50-52: Travel to Sepulcher
Day 52: Sepulcher (sessions 20-21)
Days 53-57: Travel to Majoor
Day 57: Majoor (sessions 22-23)

EPISODE III: The Eye of Oblivion
Day 64: Dexus-12 (sessions 24 & 25)
Days 64-66: Travel to Iridonia
Day 66: Iridonia (sessions 26-32)
Days 67-73: Travel to Nar Shaddaa
Day 74: Nar Shaddaa (Sessions 33-)

:Era Source":https://comicbook.com/starwars/news/star-wars-new-official-timeline-high-republic-preview/


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