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Game Issues and Story Questions
House Rules

The Story So Far

Episode I: The Sidori Gambit
Episode II: The Hounds of Winter
Episode III: The Eye of Oblivion

Ships & Vehicles

Silent Destiny

The Galaxy

The Deep Core:
The Core Worlds: Alderaan – CorelliaCoruscant – Hosnian Prime
The Colonies: Cato Nemoidia – Dexus-12
The Inner Rim: Jedha
The Expansion Region: Majoor – Ring of Kafrene
The Mid Rim: HUTT SPACE (Nar Shaddaa)Iridonia – Jedha – Kashyyyk – Naboo – Nakadia – Ord MantellTHE WESTERN REACHES (Jakku – Takodana) – Wobani
The Outer Rim Territories: ARKANIS SECTOR (Felucia – Tatooine) – Bespin – THE CORPORATE SECTOR (Cantonica – Etti IV) – Crait – Dagobah – D’Qar – Eadu – Endor – Geonosis – Hoth – Lah’mu – Mandalore – Mustafar – Mygeeto – Saleucami – Scarif – THE SIDORI CLUSTER – Polis Massa – Telos IV – Utapau – Yavin
Wild Space: Kamino – Kira IVSepulcher
The Unknown Regions Ahch-To – Starkiller Base


Black Sun
The Empire
The Hounds of Winter
The Hutts
Justice Action Network
The Mandalorians
The White Lotus



Star Wars Episodes I-VII
Rogue One
Fate Accelerated Edition and Fate Core, by Evil Hat Productions
Star Wars RPG Saga Edition and its supplements (especially The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide, & Scum & Villainy), by Wizards of the Coast
Star Wars Random Name Generator
Map of the Star Wars Galaxy

Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game, by Evil Hat Productions
Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion, by Fantasy Flight Games
The Fate Codex, especially Vol 2 Issues 1 & 2, by Magpie Games
Fate System Toolkit, by Evil Hat Productions
Star Wars Roleplaying Game by West End Games (revised expanded and updated version available here)
Star Wars Fate Edition, by Ryan M. Danks

Main Page

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