Zeva Vigil

A young Jedi Knight without an Order


High Concept: Lovestruck Jedi Knight
Trouble: Shadow of Order 66
Other Aspects: Silent Destiny Is My Home Now

Careful: Average (+2)
Clever: Fair (+2)
Flashy: Mediocre (+1)
Forceful: Good (+4)
Quick: Fair (+2)
Sneaky: Average (+2)

I Made My Lightsaber: Because I Made My Lightsaber, I gain a +2 to Quickly defend against opponents in melee combat.


Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


Height: 1.68 m (5’6") Weight: 57 kg (125 lb.) Age: 19
Eyes: Green Hair: White, formerly blond Skin: Fair

Zeva Vigil (ZAY-va VIJ-ul) is a young human female. Her shoulder-length hair has turned white, and her side-swept bangs are constantly falling over her eyes. She’s almost dangerously skinny, and presents herself meekly, avoiding eye contact when possible.

She dresses like any other spacer, with boots, dark trousers, a white shirt, and a long-sleeved black jacket to hide scars on her right arm.

Her slight Cathar accent comes from Monda, the Jedi who served as warden to the Katarn clan.

Zeva carries her green-bladed lightsaber in a long pocket sewn into her jacket.

Zeva Vigil has belonged to the Jedi Order since infancy, becoming Padawan to Dambraya Tulu, a female Miraluka Jedi Knight, at the age of nine. Her apprenticeship largely consisted of diplomatic negotiations; though these assignments offered little excitement, Master Tulu had ample time to teach her student about the Force.

About a year into the Clone Wars, Master and Padawan were dispatched to the Kira system, where their sabotaged ship exploded. Tulu was killed, and Zeva was stranded on Kira IV for seventeen days. She confronted a dark side spirit there, and became a Jedi Knight after being rescued by the Star Destroyer Resolution.

A few weeks later, she chartered a smuggler’s ship, the Sable Fire, for a covert mission to Velcor’s Cross, and took to the ship’s guns when they came under attack. When the ship’s store of tibanna took a hit, the carbonite unfroze and flooded the compartment – but then the ship’s reactor overloaded, causing the mixture to freeze again, trapping Zeva inside.

The drifting ship was salvaged nine years later, and Zeva was claimed by a group of spacers onErawlon. She left that planet aboard the Silent Destiny with Kes Varn andKaylani Seren.

Having helped to resolve a crisis in the Sidori Cluster, she now passes herself off as Zeva Milaska, a simple seamstress who booked passage on the Silent Destiny at the recommendation of her fictitious cousin, Dineen.

Zeva never wanted to be better than anyone else – just the best Jedi she could be. She’s honest, loyal, and polite, especially to those in positions of authority. She only draws her weapon in self-defense, and shuns material possessions. Though she’s never been good at confronting or understanding her feelings, she knows how to push them aside and do what must be done.

Now, though, she wonders if her life has been for nothing: the Jedi Order is gone, and the Republic she fought to protect has become an Empire that considers her an outlaw. She tries to keep busy helping others to keep such thoughts at bay, since bouts of melancholy or vengeful impulses could lead her to the dark side of the Force. She also strives to keep her powers a secret, fearful of attracting Darth Vader’s attention.

Zeva is still inexperienced, so she relies heavily on her training as she adjusts to her situation. But Jedi wisdom doesn’t always apply, and she’s a terrible liar, so she lets her new friends handle extralegal situations. Indeed, learning about the fringe is like a second apprenticeship, which would make Kes Zeva’s second Master.She is now aware of her attraction to Kaylani Seren, but has chosen to keep her feelings to herself.

Zeva has no hobbies to speak of, beyond her efforts to retrain herself, and has never had the time or inclination to “have fun.” She’s not a bad seamstress, and will only get better with practice. As a result of her stay on Kira IV, and her hibernation sickness, Zeva is somewhat malnourished, and never misses an opportunity to eat.

Zeva suspects that her two worlds may come into conflict – one of her new friends might kill a prisoner or unarmed foe, or someone might ask for Zeva’s help even though rendering it would draw Imperial scrutiny – but she will deal with such situations when they happen.

“Master Tulu always said…”
“There is no chaos, there is harmony.”
“Mine is the strength and wisdom of a thousand generations of Jedi Knights.”
(to herself) “Make a stone of your heart, Zeva. Stone of your heart.”
“By the Force!”
“I have a bad feeling about this.”

Bastila Shan’s Theme, by Jeremy Soule, from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


The Gift
Close Quarters

Sidori Gambit version

Portrait by Mad Bee

Zeva Vigil

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