Captain of the ship, Silent Destiny, inherited from her deceased husband.


High ConceptZabrak In Charge
TroubleDon’t Threaten My Babies
Other AspectsIt’s Just a Machine ; A Weapons Dealer Knows Her Product ; Cathar Got Your Tongue?

Careful: (+4)
Clever : (+2)
Flashy: (+2)
Forceful: (+3)
Quick: (+1)
Sneaky: (+0)

Assertive — Kes receives a +2 bonus when she attempts to Forcefully overcome in social interactions.
Tactical Retreat — Having been in the game long enough, Kes knows when it’s time to get the hell out of dodge; she gains a +2 when Quickly defending in a tense situation.
Punchy — Military training combined with underworld experience grants Kes a +2 when forcefully making a melee attack.

Stress: 3

Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):

Refresh: 4


Zabrak In Charge – With the Silent Destiny transferred to her ownership upon Nalin’s death, Kes is its captain. This puts her in-charge and while she’s not a tyrant, hers is the final word.
Don’t Threaten My Babies – While not officially everyone’s mom, she takes responsibility for her crew, and harbors an affection for them besides. Any threat to them must be swiftly dealt with — to avoid what happened to her actual babies.
It’s Just a Machine – While many see a ship as almost a living being, Kes firmly believes it’s just a machine and will do as it’s told when it’s told to do it — despite the Destiny rebelling against her from time to time.
A Weapons Dealer Knows Her Product – Between her time in the military and a businesswoman on the edge of the underworld, Kes is familiar with weapons, their uses, their buyers, and how to sell them.
Cathar Got Your Tongue? – While certainly not new to certain types of interaction, there is something about Bella that gets Kes twisted up. Her presence and requests have a special soft spot for the widow.



Kes-Varn was born on Iridonia (more technically, a military vessel in orbit over Iridonia) to a military family. After proceeding with all the expected academy training, Kes refused to formally enlist and left her home planet, deeming the military lifestyle — and her family — as too rigid.

Still, her training has frequently come to good use, both in combat and in general organization. Her first job, she served as security to a small weapons shipping company. This introduced her to the underworld and the tricks of the shipping trade. After two years, the company was outmaneuvered and forced into bankruptcy by Megool the Hutt, who then promptly swept in and recruited Kes for her own security staff.

Megool ran a tight ship that straddled the line between criminal and legitimate. By eschewing many of the norms that resulted in the death of other hutts, her little empire swallowed many businesses and organizations; while not as widespread as groups like the Black Suns and the Hutt Ruling Council, she was certainly a power in her sector, which has yet acquire a heavy Imperial presence. She is to this day well-known, respected, and feared for her zero-tolerance policy on side-deals; her employees are all in or in deep trouble. Which suited Kes just fine.

After working closely with Megool’s head of security, Nalin-Nerr, for nearly two years, he and Kes became romantically involved. After seeking approval from Megool (lest it become an ill-advised workplace romance that would end in termination), they eventually married. They were an unlikely pair but a solid team, with Kes’ solemn organization and Nalin’s sociable leadership. He toughened up and she lightened up, and at least part of Megool’s current power is due in part to the couple keeping competition and threats in line.

After a narrow brush with a risky business deal Nalin was forced to forego, the couple decided they were no longer suited for Megool’s staff and resigned from their positions. Together, they made their own small shipping business with Nalin’s ship, the Silent Destiny — somewhere far, far away from Megool’s territory to avoid competing. While their departure was amicable, Kes always bore concern that it was not as consequence-free as Nalin believed.

A moderately successful business and two babies later, while making a final shipment before going on their way to a small vacation, the Silent Destiny was boarded and both children and Nalin were killed. Kes eliminated the boarding party but with no marks on the clothes or any other clues, she was left with no way of knowing who was responsible.

Eventually there was nothing to do except carry on. Kes resumed her business in another sector. A string of unsavory pilots brought her to Ord Mantell, where she rescued a young Kaylani Seren from drunks, and found in her both an impeccable pilot and a good companion. Together, they have survived decently on their own despite the tightening grips of organizations like the Black Suns and governments like the Empire.

Portrait by Mad Bee


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