Caster Novastar

Had money once. Would like to have money again.


High Concept: Destitute, Smarmy, High-Powered Businessman
Trouble: Just Not A People Person
Other Aspects: Refined Tastes, Rumor Hound_,_I traveled the Galaxy to get her, I will not lose the Vainglory again

Careful: Fair (+3)
Clever: Mediocre (+0)
Flashy: Average (+1)
Forceful: Average (+1)
Quick: Fair (+2)
Sneaky: Good (+5)

Everything has a Price: Because Caster is good with money, he has a +2 to carefully creating advantages when he can use money to do so, from finding just the right deal to securing a creepy amount of loyalty with the right bribe.

(currently not accessible, Caster is out of funds.)

Midas Touched: You swore you only handed Caster 5 credits, and now he has 10— and he won’t shut up about it. Caster has a +2 to flashily overcome challenges when attempting to acquire more money.

Slight of Words: Caster knows just the right string of words to insult just about anyone in the Galaxy. Caster has a +2 to quickly attack an opponent with a string of insults.


Mild (2):
Moderate (4): Hit With The Feels (Caster watched a promising new team member die.)
Severe (6):


Height: 1.75 m (5’9") Weight: 59 kg (130 lb.) Age: 26
Eyes: Blue Hair: Dirty Blond Skin: Pale

Caster Novastar is a human that’s dressed in some very worn refined clothes.

Small in frame and pale, Caster is very clearly is not on speaking terms with the ideas of outdoor labour. Or really any manual labor. Or any labor of any kind, actually. Caster caries himself high, and his skin is still pretty fair, although his current time on the Outer Rim is starting to weather him. A ragged mop of sandy hair, that he clearly tried to cut himself, obscures piercing blue eyes. An unsuspecting stranger might consider him handsome, if his resting facial expression was ‘arrogant disdain’.

Caster knows how the 1% lives— he’s been there. Born into wealth on Corellia, Caster has lived a pampered and refined life. Heir apparent to his father’s incredible business empire, Caster had it made and didn’t care who knew it. Even when the Galaxy was erupting in civil war, Caster was off having fun and exploring all the finer aspects the Galaxy had to offer. After all, the war happened far from home, and his father’s business empire dealt in some aspect of warring— Caster couldn’t remember if it was shipbuilding or firearms. At any rate, it seemed like the Novastars only made more and more money.

Caster took over the family business right around the same time as the rise of the Empire. Although somewhat talented in the high-stakes games of upper management, Caster found running the business harder and harder as the Empire started imposing stricter and stricter regulations. Eventually, Caster felt driven to start taking on some underhanded and illegal deals.

This worked, right up until some nobles that didn’t like the arrogant youth found out and called in some favors. The Empire, through equal parts direct takeover and laser-guided legislation, destroyed the Novastar business empire and started hunting Caster down. With the help of an uncle, Caster slipped his pursuers on his ship, the Vainglory.

Having most of his life spent being told by people how amazing he was at everything, Caster has internalized it. Caster’s a young capitalist without capital (according to his bank account), a charmer without charm (according to anyone who has met him) and assuredly the center of the galaxy (according to himself). The months since his business was driven to ruin by the Empire have not been nice to Caster. His ship has been stolen, he has to actually make his own meals, his expensive clothes are starting to show serious signs of wear and tear, friends are few and far between and his manicured nails are chipped.

The current betting pool is that Caster ends up dead in a ditch in the outer rim somewhere within a year after insulting someone much bigger than him. But, smoldering behind a face that’s actually starting to tan (gasp!), there lies a bright, burning determination.

Caster will get back to where he once was. And he’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

fingers rubbing together“It’s really all about money.”
“Don’t be so high and mighty. You have a price. Just like everyone else. Allow me to name it.”
“Oh, by the fucking force, we have to go to another half-falling apart, rancid dive? Why can’t we ever find work somewhere… clean? You know, with a client that can dress itself?”
“It’s all really in how you use your assets— which includes people.”
“I’m not about to let some half-educated nerf-herding sister-lover take me down!”
(to self)“I’ll take back what is mine. They won’t even be ready.”

“Billionare”:, by Travie McCoy, from Lazarus

An Uncle. Whom Caster owes a debt too.

Sidori Gambit version

Portrait by Mad Bee

Caster Novastar

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