Star Wars: Silent Destiny is an ongoing, online roleplaying campaign, presented by Darth Krzysztof’s Scheming Demon Games. Using the Fate Accelerated rules, it takes place seven years after the issue of Order 66, and is a sequel to the Star Wars d20 Saga Edition game, The Sidori Gambit.

As Sidori Gambit began before the real-world reorganization of the Expanded Universe, this campaign owes more to Legends than it does to the modern canon. However, given the GM’s feelings about canon and continuity, it might be best to call Silent Destiny an Infinities story.

The game began on August 25th, 2015.

Sessions are conducted via Google Hangouts and usually last two to three hours.

This campaign is rated T for Teen.

Current Story Arc: Episode III: The Eye of Oblivion


Star Wars: Silent Destiny

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