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Aspect: Kajidic (“Somebody’s got to have it, why not us?”)

The Hutt kajidics (as their clans are known) have their slimy hands in all kinds of criminal ventures. They operate openly and claim rightful dominion over dozens of worlds, seeking wealth and power while plunging themselves into excess and gluttony.

They employ members of all species as underlings, and will hire anyone that can bring them more money or facilitate their hedonism. Greedy, but not stupid, they keep close watch on any underlings that show too much ambition. A Hutt makes a very dangerous enemy.

The Desilijic clan (Jabba’s clan) is one of the most infamous and ruthless of the kajidics, but by no means the only one. Kes Varn once worked for Megool the Hutt, a merchant and private arms dealer; her whereabouts are unknown. The PCs also visited the Gizka Warren, a Corellian podracing gambler’s den owned by Garuda the Hutt. Grakkus the Hutt runs Hutta Town on Nar Shaddaa.

Sources: Scum and Villainy



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