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Absent Players
With only three players, chances are good that we won’t play if someone can’t make it.

However, if we do, the absent player’s character becomes a game aspect for that session that the present players may invoke (or compel) like any other:

“Kes isn’t quite charming enough to talk her way past the doorman on her own, but a bit of eyelash-batting from Kaylani (and a spent Fate point) causes him to relent and let you pass.”

Gaining an NPC companion costs a point of refresh, and is listed on your character sheet as a stunt.

The companion NPC gets:
• three aspects: a high concept, trouble, and affinity aspect describing their relationship with the PC
• one approach at +3, one at +2, one at +1, and the remaining three at +0
• one mild consequence slot
• two stress boxes
• no stunts
• no refresh (Fate points come from / go to the player)

A companion gets a +1 to one approach at every significant milestone, as a PC does.

Companions may be killed or taken out of the story like any other NPC. An aspect about the companion on the PC’s character sheet can provide a bit of “script immunity.”
A PC may have an entire pool of potential companions, but may only take as many into the field as she’s paid for with refresh points.

House Rules

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