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Aspect: Who ARE Those Guys?

The Hounds of Winter work outside the Bounty Hunters’ Guild, with no regard for the Bounty Hunters’ Creed. Primarily operating in the Outer Rim, they are pursuing a private bounty on Silent Destiny in search of something called the Eye of Oblivion. Known “Alpha Hound” Marius Krath tracked them to Takodana. He and Niknik Kuat found them again on Iridonia, but he failed to apprehend them, and was turned over to rival bounty hunter IG-88.

An Aleena Hound, Kyllian Vorn, died aboard Silent Destiny and was shot into space.

The Hounds have a dark gray Marauder-class assault corvette called the Frost Harrier, which the PCs encountered at Takodana and Iridonia.



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