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Game Issues

Legacy Issue: The Clone Wars
Current Issue: Life on the Fringe
Impending Issue: (undetermined)

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Story Questions

  • What is the Eye of Oblivion? Where is the decryption key?
  • Who got Tesvalo to hire the Hounds of Winter to get it from the PCs, and why?
  • Why did Nalin Nerr get the Eye of Oblivion from Barrett Jax in the first place?
  • Why was Nalin taking it to Yu Lien?
  • What is the White Lotus doing?
  • What is Darth Maul up to?
  • Who or what is the Justice Action Network?
  • How long can Silent Destiny avoid trouble with the Empire?
  • Can Kay reach an understanding with her Uncle Savit?
  • What’s happened to Marta Seren?
  • How will Caster’s family complicate his life in the future?
  • What happens next between Kay and Zeva?
  • How will Zeva find balance between the Force and life on the Fringe?
  • What else will R4-J16 find in the Black Sun data core?

Learn more about story questions here. Mark Diaz Truman’s article “At What Cost,” from Fate Codex Vol 2 Issue 2, makes the valid point that, since Fate simulates heroic fiction better than it does dramatic fiction, story questions are better framed in terms of what a victory will cost the heroes, rather than asking if they will succeed or fail.

Game Issues

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