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Aspect: An Offer the Galaxy Can’t Refuse

The Black Sun crime syndicate is one of the foremost criminal organizations in the galaxy. Black Sun has its hands in nearly every possible criminal venture, from petty theft to assassination, all arranged to bring more power and wealth to the syndicate.

Their agents can be found from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim, with significant cells on every Core world. A single Underlord leads Black Sun, supported by nine chief crime bosses called Vigos (an old Tionese word for “nephew”). Black Sun’s influence is so great that its leaders can commission entire fleets giving them the military might to challenge and overwhelm planetary and even sector defense forces.

With the power to challenge whatever governments they haven’t already corrupted, Black Sun agents have a great deal of clout. Most people who are aware of them learned long ago to avoid any entanglements with them. An angry Vigo is an enemy for life.

Darth Maul killed Black Sun’s leadership before the battle of Naboo, and it took the organization nearly a decade to recover. Xizor is now Black Sun’s Underlord. Vigo Shal’mak and her son, Kreet’ah, perished in the Majoor system along with their yacht, the Gilded Reeksa. This crippled Black Sun’s intelligence network.

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black sun

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