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  • Silent Destiny

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Ships]] >> *Silent Destiny* The Silent Destiny was a "YT-1250":http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/YT-1250 light freighter built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. In 12 BBY it was captained by the Zabrak Kes Varn, and was reported …

  • Zeva Vigil

    |*Height:* 1.68 m (5'6")|*Weight:* 57 kg (125 lb.)|*Age:* 19| |*Eyes:* Green|*Hair:* White, formerly blond|*Skin:* Fair| *APPEARANCE*
    Zeva Vigil (ZAY-va VIJ-ul) is a young human female. Her shoulder-length hair has turned white, and her side- …

  • R4-J16

    R4-J16 is a agromech droid with orange markings. The white parts of his chassis have faded to a dingy gray; even when cleaned, he looks a little dirty. [[File:458868 | class=media-item-align-center | R4-J16.jpg]]

  • Kes-Varn

    h3. History Kes-Varn was born on Iridonia (more technically, a military vessel in orbit over Iridonia) to a military family. After proceeding with all the expected academy training, Kes refused to formally enlist and left her home planet, deeming the …